This Is Me

See Me In A Different Light

A collection of real stories of persons on the autism spectrum, caregivers and professional staff – their challenges, aspirations and dreams. Through This Is Me, we hope you will see them in different light, not only the struggles and sacrifices, but also the love and support.

Jacqueline Yeo

My children scream all day but I’m grateful for each day, says mother of twins on the spectrum​

Dennis Tan

A journey worth continuing: Finding joy in helping youths and adults on the autism spectrum

Darius Koh

Caring for our son on the autism spectrum is a marathon, but will we be there at the finish line?

Ahmad Fathuzzaman

Why I quit my job: From special needs educator to caregiver for my son on the autism spectrum​

Elliot Chia

From fear to confidence – how the right environment helped a person on the autism spectrum soar

Sarayanan Mariappa

Beaten and bitten, but not broken – staying the course, championing the cause

Rasidah Namboka

Raising Sofie: It takes a village, and some French fries

Owen Liu

The reason I write: “I can’t speak but hear me through my letters”

Muhammad Aqram Bin Mohd Yazed

Why I wear combat boots every day

Clara Toh

A mother’s teaching mantra: “Never cannot, but not yet”

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