Autism Network Singapore (ANS) is an alliance of like-minded partners who are passionate about the autism cause.

We care for the autism community, and collaborate every year to advocate for autism; raising public awareness and rallying for more support of the cause.

We were formed in April 2015, and are now an alliance of five Social Service Agencies (SSA) partners. We welcome participation and collaboration from other SSAs, government and related stakeholders, as well as corporate organisations.

As Singapore aspires to be more inclusive, there is a greater need for key service providers to collaborate and ensure better life outcomes ​for those with additional needs​. ANS is our way of adopting a more strategic approach to proactively identify and address sector-wide issues and gaps, including:
Early intervention
Lifelong education
Residential, caregiving and independent living skills

ANS aspires to be a unified and significant voice to help raise the standard of support and services for the ASD community in Singapore.