Co-led by DUKE-NUS & Rainbow Centre. Concert and seminar were held.


Co-led by DUKE-NUS & Autism Resource Centre (Singapore). Light Up, roadshow @ ION and seminar were held.


Co-led by DUKE-NUS & St. Andrew’s Autism Centre. Light Up, roadshow @ ION (featuring concert by persons with autism, including flash mob) and seminar were held.


Co-led by DUKE-NUS & Rainbow Centre. Living, Learning, Working – Light Up, roadshow @ ION, seminar, Roving Exhibition @ Regional Libraries were organised.


Co-led by Autism Association (Singapore) & DUKE-NUS. Living, Learning, Working – Launch of ANS / Light Up, roadshow @ AMK Hub, symposium (Pathlight), medical seminar (KKH) and Run for Autism (NUS) were organised.


Co-led by Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) & DUKE-NUS. Decentralised Public Showcases @ 4 Centres, Light Up, medical seminar (Duke-NUS) and “Falling” play by Pangdemonium (collaboration) were held.


Led by St. Andrew’s Autism Centre. Autism in the Community – Light Up, roadshow and exhibition @ HDB Hub were organised.


Led by Rainbow Centre. Autism in the Community – Through the Arts: 3 movies, 1 play, Light Up, autism-themed train (LTA collaboration with ARC), online campaign were organised.


Led by AWWA. Many Faces of Autism – Digital Campaign, “I want my seat” video, Light Up, 6-Part “Uniquely Me”, 360 Productions on Channel 8 were organised.


Led by Autism Association (Singapore). Release of Music Video, refreshed ANS website, launched ANS logo were organised.