Aloysius Low

St. Andrew’s Autism Centre

While autism tends to impact the imagination for persons on the moderate to severe end of the spectrum, Aloysius has too much of it. He especially loves fairy tales, and drawing about them. Even now, at 29 years of age, his eyes would light up at the mere mention of his favourite fairy tale characters.

When Aloysius is drawn into the world of art and fairy tales, it is not always easy for him to walk out of that world. Over time though, he has learnt to do so at the right time using strategies that his coaches, and his mother and elder sister, have developed with him.

Recently, Aloysius’ dream came through when he was appointed to illustrate for The Little Prince (Chinese version) with the guidance of an art teacher.

Aloysius is special. He is autistic.
He has a dream. He would love to be a fairy tale artist.
What’s yours?