Joshua Ong


Colouring helps Joshua. It helps him a lot. When 17-year-old Joshua colours, he is happy and can communicate in ways beyond language. Art is, in fact, his language, and family and friends can tell just how much it helps him to regulate his emotions when he reaches out to connect with those around him through art.

Barney and friends will bring a smile to his face. So, spending time watching YouTube videos of Barney, Hi 5 and Richard Scarry is an absolute delight to Joshua.

Joshua also loves getting physically active. Although he cannot swim, he likes and is able to run energetically in the pool. He is able to do 20 laps of 50 meters, running in a pool of 1.2 meters in depth.

Joshua is special. He is autistic.
He has a dream. He would love to colour the world, and hopes to be recognised for it.
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